Able test #1

This post is a test.  I know the goal, but so far, a lot stands between it and me.  To those who  get automatic emails of Wild Nature, invariably, the first photo is off-center and nothing seems to keep that from happening to the email form.  Yet it’s centered on the draft and published online pages.  So I am trying another design.  Good luck.


This fall has been as soft as spring,


Lovely layers of lace.


Foretelling the nudity of winter.


Like skeletons getting undressed, the do their winter dance.


If this doesn’t work, I may turn into a skeleton but I won’t be dancing.  I’ll be cursing.  You’ll see, and so will I when this arrives in my email.

Okay, so this time, the last photo was off-center in the email.  Back to the drawing board on wordpress’s formats.


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